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Presenting the Sustainable Paper Cable Tie

FibreStrap is designed to easily replace the current plastic solutions for bundling, securing, and attaching in any industry. Made of long fibres from the woods of Scandinavia, the strap is strong and versatile – both recyclable and biodegradable within a reasonable time.

A renewable solution

Since 1958, the world has been using a plastic product made to last for hundreds of years – only to use it once. What a waste. Challenging this unsustainable option, the FibreStrap Team has designed a solution with renewable materials from natural resources. Made to endure, but not to last.

The materials in FibreStrap

FibreStrap consists of renewable materials – from natural resources that can be replenished, generation after generation. We have designed out waste and pollution to accelerate a move towards a circular bio-economy. FibreStrap is a minimum of 85% plant-based. Our wood fibres are from certified materials.

The applications of FibreStrap

FibreStrap has a wide range of applications with its self-locking permanent seal, high tensile strength and is easy to use. FibreStrap can be used to hang, hold, attach, seal and bundle just about anything. FibreStrap enables you to: reduce CO2 emissions, reduce water consumption, customise lengths, and reduce the use of fossil plastic.

Performance and usability

Who would imagine that wood fibres could endure the same strength tests as plastic cable ties? FibreStrap has been tested and validated according to the type 2 test that is a standard test for plastic cable ties.


Made to endure, but not to last
  • Easy to use 

  • No sharp edges with minimised risk of cut damages and minimised risk of damaged packages and products

  • Identification – it's easy to spot with a minimised risk of cutting wrong

1,000 hours exposure to UV corresponding to an outdoor use in one year in the middle of Sweden

336 hours exposure to 75°C corresponding to 2 years shelf-life at 25°C

The sustainable benefits of FibreStrap

We believe that everyone can contribute to a more sustainable world. Even small steps are important. Replacing a traditional plastic strap, made from 100% petroleum-based plastic, will have direct improved effects on the environment. FibreStrap will provide you with the following sustainability benefits when replacing 200 mm fossil plastic cable ties in Nylon 6/6 (Polyamide):

  • More than 85% CO2 reduction 

  • More than 80% water reduction 

  • Minimum of 85% renewable sources 

Read more about the sustainability perspective of FibreStrap here.

How to order FibreStrap samples and more information

We are so excited that your business wants to order FibreStrap. By sending us a message you can order FibreStrap by the lengths and quantities you need. Let us know if you wish to purchase samples to review, or if you are ready to purchase pilot on samples on a larger scale. You are also welcome to contact us to receive the FibreStrap Technical Data Sheet.

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