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A letter from the FibreStrap Team

It all started with a very specific question:

Is it reasonable to manufacture a product that will last hundreds of years – and only use it once?

No. It isn’t. 


Our passion is deeply rooted in the Scandinavian soil. Working for years in the Swedish forest industry, we were formed in innovative surroundings – and we came to see up close the pure, strong, and endurable qualities of natural fibre. Our hands-on-experience from the packaging industry has us well aware of both needs and challenges.


And so, inspired by a multitude of organisations fighting side by side for the environment and for plastic free oceans, we took a leap of faith and founded FibreStrap. 


Our mission is to replace traditional plastic materials with a more sustainable option for bundling, securing, and attaching in any industry. We will never ask our customers to compromise on quality and durability. We proudly deliver a product that does the job. And does it well. 
While you build brand integrity.


Let’s do good.



The FibreStrap Team

tysta skogen

Meet the Executive Team


"My drive is to make good for our planet"

Sigrid Svedberg,

With her roots in Altersbruk, Sweden, the deep forests close to the polar circle gave her an early respect for the strength and durability of Scandinavian wood.

Co-Founder Sigrid Svedberg started her journey within the packaging business over 20 years ago with focus on sustainable design, and circularity utilising renewable wood fibre materials. 

During her time with the largest forest and packaging companies across Europe, she has developed business models and structures with focus on circular packaging design. Sigrid has commercialised new products and services with full P&L responsibility and she has been responsible for leading the function of packaging design and business development of 110 people in Europe, China, and Russia.


Favourite tree:
"My favourite tree is the birch. Birches can endure very harsh climates and are the trees that grow most far north. Birches are planted in northern cities to prevent fires from spreading since they contain a lot of water. The birch is a pioneer tree, which means that it comes as the first of the sly when bare ground has arisen after felling, storm felling or forest fire."


Folke Najjar,

With his roots in the old Viking town of Sigtuna, Sweden’s first city, he was raised neighbouring some of Swedens most beautiful nature reserves.

More than 20 years in the paper packaging industry has taught Co-Founder Folke Najjar that you should always challenge and question the “traditional ways” of doing things. There are always things that can be improved, it’s all about mindset, and willingness to change the status quo. 


This approach, combined with his engineering spirit and great experience with the strength and versatility of paper fibre, is what drives Folke in everyday business.

Favourite tree:

"Pine trees are majestic and the backbone of Swedish forestry.  It has a great CO2 uptake, it provides us with sustainable building material, clean energy and the resin used to be harvested for its antibacterial characteristics. We are all dependent on healthy forests and therefore we should treat them with our utmost respect."

"It is all about willingness to change the status quo"


"We need to protect the water and energy that has already been invested."

Tobias Bergarp,

Born and raised in the north of Sweden, Arjeplog ­– the land of a thousand lakes – Co-Founder Tobias Bergarp has been in and around the Swedish forests his whole life.


His more than 20 years in the forestry, paper, and packaging industry has given him a deep respect for the properties of wood. He started out as an analyst in the forest industry and has since then supported customers and investors all around the world. With a common objective to reduce our dependancy on fossil-based materials.

Tobias drive is making consistent improvements in packaging solutions, that protects the products – but also the water and energy that has already been invested – all while reducing CO2 emissions.


Favourite tree:
"The beauty and strength in every small seedling is amazing. I have planted  more than 100 000 trees in my youth, that I still can visit in the North. Our forests provide not only an amazing outdoor experience but also contribute to a greener society in many shapes and forms – where FibreStrap is one example."

Contact The FibreStrap Team

If you wish to get in touch with the Executive Leadership team at FibreStrap, please contact us at

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EVLR International AB is a Swedish company, founded in 2019 by Folke Najjar, Sigrid Svedberg & Tobias Bergarp. EVLR is carrying out the development, manufacturing, sourcing, and sales of solutions to protect, seal, fasten, and collect products. Always with sustainability in heart and mind. EVLR International AB is located in the heart of Stockholm, Sweden.

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