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FibreStrap on the shortlist for Pentawards 2023

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1 September, 2023

The FibreStrap team is excited, proud, and happy to announce that we are on the 2023 Pentawards Shortlist. 


Pentawards have awarded excellence in packaging annually and globally since 2007, with a jury composed of over 50 members from more than 20 countries. The jury consists of packaging experts from brands and agencies such as Unilever, The Walt Disney Company, Estée Lauder, and PUMA.


This year Pentawards received over 2,000 entries. The jury has chosen FibreStrap as one of the entries to run for the Pentawards trophy in the category Sustainable design – Home, leisure & other markets. This category aims to award and bring forward packaging which works to reduce its environmental impact and consider elements such as pack structure, materials used and production methods.


“We feel honoured being one of many brilliant entries, submitted from over 95 countries, to be selected for the shortlist. As always we are happy to see so many initiatives that aim to make good for the planet, so it will actually be a win either way!”, says Sigrid Svedberg, CO-Founder, and part of the FibreStrap team.


Winners will be revealed on the 10th of November at the gala ceremony held in London. Until then we will keep our fingers crossed and our FibreStraps tightly secured.

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