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A secure solution for the WWA event

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3 October, 2023

As FibreStrap made an entrance at The Nautique WWA Wakeboard World Championships in Ferreira do Zêzere Portugal, we can celebrate yet another milestone in our timeline. This 4-day-event is a perfect manifestation of how single-use plastic products need to be phased out of the industry.


“Why would you manufacture something that is harmful for nature in both production and afterlife, only to use it once?”, says Sigrid Svedberg, Co-founder at FibreStrap. “The truth is, that the world didn’t have a choice until now. Today we can proudly say that there is an option that is made to endure, but not to last”.


For over 30 years the WWA has been the world’s premier provider of amateur and professional wakeboard events, sanctioning and rules; “developed by riders, for riders”. Being an organisation depending on and feeling a great passion for nature and outdoors – sustainability and keeping the environment clear of plastics is high on their agenda.

So, when the crowds were about to gather by the stunning shores of Castelo de Bode to watch the world’s top wake performers, The WWA turned to FibreStrap for a sustainable collaboration.


"When we discovered FibreStrap, it immediately stood out as the sustainable solution our event was lacking," says André Matos, Director of Tour & Events at The WWA Wakeboard World Championships. “At this year's event, our mission was to drastically reduce, if not completely eliminate, the consumption of single-use materials such as banners, plastic bottles, and non-eco-friendly merchandise. Moreover, we aimed to extend the lifecycle of every material utilized.


"our mission was to drastically reduce, if not completely eliminate, the consumption of single-use materials."

André Matos, Director of Tour & Events at The WWA

André Matos continues to talk about how FibreStrap is a welcome solution: 
“Traditional cable ties, although affordable and convenient, are a sticking point. They typically end up discarded on the event floor, contributing to waste and the environmental burden. Unlike these one-time-use plastic items, FibreStrap is designed for repeated use”.


Exceeding Sustainability Benchmarks


Adopting FibreStrap translated to a notable decrease in waste both during and post-event. “The overall aesthetics of the event setup were enhanced, as the ubiquitous plastic presence was minimized. Additionally, the ease of assembly and disassembly was remarkable, further accentuated by the potential for reuse. In essence, FibreStrap not only met but exceeded our sustainability benchmarks, and we're eager to incorporate it in our future events!”, says André Matos.


For more information on The WWA Wakeboard World Championships, please visit


If you want to know how your event can become Sustainable with FibreStrap, contact us for technical data sheet, samples or to place an order at

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