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Being sustainable is not our only strength

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2 October, 2023

FibreStrap proudly presents a sustainable cable tie that doesn’t compromise on strength and endurance. And we are excited to announce that we have been tested and approved according to the industry standard IEC 62275:2018 at RISE Research Institutes of Sweden. Proving that FibreStrap easily can replace plastic solutions, with undeniable sustainable benefits.


“FibreStrap has passed the strength test with good margins, and now we know with full certainty that we can keep our promise. We have a sustainable cable tie made to endure, but not to last. A strong, paper product safely taking on a load of 12 kg, easily replacing current plastic solutions.”, says Tobias Bergarp, co-founder of FibreStrap.


The tests are conducted by RISE and are designed to mimic the stress of typical applications, whether it be electrical installations, packaging, agriculture, or retail. Every test aims to establish what load FibreStrap can handle when it is secured around a product or fastening something in different environments. In some applications FibreStrap will be used in standard room temperature, but the tests also measure its performance in more extreme climates. 

“The heat-aging test exposed FibreStrap to 75C heat for 14 days. Despite this, only 9% of the stated strength was lost.”, says Tobias Bergarp. “We can promise impressive sustainable benefits. But they are even more impressive now that we can prove that FibreStrap is just as strong as plastic alternatives.”


Loop tensile strength has been tested according to 9.6.1 As-received condition. All the data from the tests are available in our Technical Data sheet. 


Order the FibreStrap Technical Data sheet. 


"A strong paper product safely taking on a load of 12 kg."

Tobias Bergarp, Co-Founder FibreStrap

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