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The fight against Climate Change is a Material Sport

10 September, 2023

How sustainable can a culture built on “higher, further, faster” become – and how willing is the sporting industry to make a change? Turns out it is a community full of ideas, initiatives, and readiness. 


The global sports business community will come together through events, curated areas and loads of networking opportunities at ISPO Munich, this November 28 – 30. One of the areas at the event will be focusing on sustainability and initiatives that could be shaping the future of sports.


Speaking at the Sustainability Hub

We are happy to announce that FibreStraps Sigrid Svedberg and Tobias Bergarp will be speaking at the Sustainability Hub to present the world´s first alternative to fossil single-use plastic ties. 


“We have a product perfect for bundling, securing, and attaching in any industry. The sports industry is no exception. This is a community of people who know exactly how to take care of their bodies and their minds. It is not surprising that they have a huge drive to take care of our planet too.”, says Sigrid Svedberg. “Fighting climate change is a material sport, so introducing this crowd to FibreStrap is really exciting.”


Tobias Bergarp emphasizes that the effort required to make a transition to more sustainable materials doesn’t have to be huge – but the benefits are!


“It is easy to make the change, and you don´t even have to compromise on quality. It could be fastening the tags on your sportswear or securing your products safely for transport. It could be displaying them in retail or bundling equipment together for a campaign. FibreStrap will do the job while reducing carbon footprint and water usage by 80 percent.” 

Tobias Bergarp adds that it simply isn’t reasonable to have a product designed to last for hundreds of years, only to use it once:

“FibreStrap is strong, recyclable, and biodegradable within reasonable time – Made to endure, but not to last.”


More information on ISPO Munich 2023 can be found here.


"Fighting climate change is a material sport"

Sigrid Svedberg, Co-Founder FibreStrap

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