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The Strong and Sustainable Champion

15 April, 2024

Heidi Andersson is an eleven times arm-wrestling World Champion with a strong passion for sustainability. Her goal is to be fossil free in 2025 and has been choosing sustainable options since she was a child.


From a small village called Ensamheten – translated to Solitude or The Loneliness – comes a strong entrepreneur with dreams about becoming a world-class planetary caretaker.
“When I was eleven, I wrote down on a piece of paper what I wanted to become when I grew up. The note said: Professional arm-wrestler, environmentalist and live in a sustainable home.”, says Heidi Andersson, eleven times arm-wrestler World Champion.


Sustainable Power Couple

Heidi knows what it is to fight for something she believes in. As a former professional athlete, married to Olympic Biathlon Champion Björn Ferry, she is used to setting goals and having high standards – and reaching them. And this power couple shares the dream of a sustainable life.

“So, when I retired from being a professional athlete in 2015, we decided that our goal was being fossil free in 2025. And we are choosing the sustainable option in every and any way we can. From transports and housing, to food, consumption, investments and our entrepreneurship.”

Working with lectures, presentations, sports commenting for television, events, classes in arm-wrestling and actually being their own brands, both Heidi and Björn have the luxury of being in control of every-day decisions that have an impact on the environment.

“We also produce and sell arm-wrestling tables with the world’s strongest sustainability profile. Our world champion tables are locally produced in Storuman from recycled steel and a birch board. Handles, bolts and washers as well as the cushions are also locally produced. The cushioning is actually made from sponges and retired hospital mattresses!“

The impact of the packaging

The packaging material is recycled as far as possible and the tape they use is eco-labelled to minimize the environmental impact.
“For the longest time, we had been looking for a sustainable way of fastening the table-legs and cushions. We needed to secure them so they wouldn’t shift and tumble around during transport.” 
Heidi tells us about their old method which was a make-shift alternative with tape and hemp string. But what they really wanted was a sustainable alternative to the plastic cable ties.
“Out of nowhere I see this article in a forestry magazine which led me to FibreStrap!”

Heidi reached out and a collaboration was initiated, trying out what FibreStrap could do in terms of securing the transports. And they were more than happy with the results. With FibreStrap Sustainable Cable Ties they now have a flexible solution which is bio-degradable within reasonable time and can be repurposed after it has been removed.

“We are so proud to be affiliated to a brand like Heidi Andersson. She is such an inspiration and is just everything we aspire to be with FibreStrap: Strong and Sustainable.”, says Sigrid Svedberg, Co-Founder of FibreStrap.


Today the World’s strongest Arm-wrestling tables are secured during transport with FibreStrap sustainable paper cable ties, taking Heidi and Björn yet another step towards a fossil free 2025. 


Read more about the impressive works of Heidi and Björn at

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