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Sustainable packaging is a work of art

3 April, 2024

FibreStrap proudly supports Baiba Glass – securing fragile work of art as they safely find their way to show rooms and new homes all over the world. All while minimizing the environmental footprint for the transport and increasing the experience in delivery.

Glass artist Baiba was in need for a packaging solution that would protect her artwork without compromising on neither aesthetics nor sustainability. She found her solution in a collaboration with the two Swedish innovations FibreStrap and Papira®.

Swedish sustainability and innovation

FibreStrap sustainable paper cables ties are a strong, flexible and reliable solution that safely secures Baibas art. And what greater match than the fiber-based and fully recyclable cellulose foam Papira® by Stora Enso. FibreStrap and Papira provided Baiba with a packaging solution that is bio-based, recyclable, andbiodegradable – made of materials from sustainably managed forests. All while staying coherent with the Baiba brand. 

“ Baibas vision of creating something sustainable resonates so well with what we do. It is the perfect combination when we can do something more sustainable, more beautiful and increase efficiency for a customer”, says Sigrid Svedberg, Co-Founder of FibreStrap.


With FibreStrap and Papira the artist Baiba can finally ship her art to showrooms and photo shoots while staying eco-friendly. No more bubble wrap and plastic zip ties, no more excessive makeshift wrapping, and no more broken glass on arrival.

“ My dream was to create something sustainable that would keep my pieces safe. This is a very big step forward and I am so happy about this collaboration and being introduced to this material.”, says artist Baiba.


Strong, recyclable and biodegradable

FibreStrap is a patented sustainable paper cable tie, designed to easily replace current plastic solutions for bundling, securing, and attaching in any industry. Switching from plastic solutions to FibreStrap reduces carbon footprint and water usage with 80 percent. Made of long fibres from the Scandinavian forests it is strong, recyclable, and biodegradable


The founders of FibreStrap are truly excited about the collaboration with Stora Enso and Baiba Glass.

“ The common denominator is a mix of sustainability, aesthetic, and courage, and via cooperation over boarders to find the best solution. This is a “small” project, but I see this as a pilot for how we need to work in the future. The best solution to solve environmental problems are often found through collaborations – we are stronger together!”, says Sigrid Svedberg.


"My dream was to create something sustainable"

Baiba, Glass artist

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