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Winner of The European Green Award 2024

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10 June, 2024

The FibreStrap Team is incredibly proud to share that we have been awarded The European Green Award 2024 by an international jury of experts. The award is shaped to make green pioneers all over Europe visible.


The European Green Award is on a mission. And it is not only about recognizing outstanding achievements in sustainability. It is also about offering initiatives visibility through their platform. The main goal is contributing to a European transition to a future-proof modern, resource-efficient, fair and competitive economy. And we are so happy to receive this award.


“Anytime we attend a fair or enter in a competition, we are in awe of all of our fellow sustainable initiatives and of all the inspiring creative people we meet. It reminds us that we are not alone in this mission to end fossil-dependency – and that is a great feeling.”, says Sigrid Svedberg, Co-Founder of FibreStrap.


The European Green Award gives recognition to companies and product as well as individual change-makers. An independent and interdisciplinary jury of experts from sustainable companies, agencies, science and institutions carry out the judging. 


We are not alone in this mission to end fossil-dependency."

Sigrid Svedberg, Co-Founder FibreStrap

The official Jury statement reads:

“ FibreStrap is an innovative product that is revolutionizing the traditional cable tie industry. Made from recyclable materials, these cable ties offer an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional plastic cable ties, which are often only used once and then disposed of. FibreStrap is not only ro-bust and versatile, but also biodegradable, which significantly reduces the environmental impact. By using sustainable resources and promoting a circular economy approach, FibreStrap is setting new standards in the industry and proving that functionality and environmental protection can go hand in hand. ”


About the European Green Award

The European Green Award brings national and international recognition for special achievements of companies as well as individuals and honors green products, projects, events, hotels, marketing & change makers that have achieved excellence for sustainable development in Europe with an international jury of experts. In this way, the European Green Award aims to make an essential contribution to Europe's transition to a modern, resource-efficient, fair and competitive economy of the future.

Green Product Award is held annually and recognizes products and concepts that stand out in terms of design, innovation and sustainability. With more than 1,500 participants from 60 countries, the winners in 12 categories have now been selected from 250 nominated products and concepts.

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